This version brings some important corrections!

Lynium goes on to use the Unity 2018.2.0f2 version to take advantage of all possible performance improvements.


  • Two buttons have been added to the song selection to stop, pause and play the current song.


  • The types of classifications “National and By Friends” have changed to “Not implemented” because they do not work correctly.


  • Rain and its Post-Processing effects on the screen were disabled to increase performance at startup.
  • The particles emitted by the Audio Visualizer at the Start were reduced to increase performance.
  • The water and its reflection were configured correctly to improve the performance.
  • Now the volume is saved and loaded correctly (CTRL + Mouse wheel up / down)
  • Now the text fields of Search beatmap and Filter beatmap allow you to put spaces correctly.
  • The buttons All Beatmap and Search Beatmap no longer disappear if an error occurs.


  • Fixed an error that caused that when using CTRL Z (Undo) and CTRL Y (Redo) they recreated the eliminated and added notes in a position where they never were.
  • Now there is a warning if you try to put a note in a non-enabled position depending on how you have set it in Beatmap Data.
  • Now the BreakTimes (blue parts in the editor) of the beatmaps are loaded correctly when opened.