Extra information in the profile

  • Now it shows how many games you have played.
  • The role name is now displayed for Administrators, Moderators and Subscribers.
  • The size of the classification number was increased a little.

Icons in the Home Scene

  • Now the Create, Options and Store buttons have icons.

Rankings List

  • By clicking on the number of your classification in your profile, the list of classifications will be displayed.

Mods with extra score

  • Hyper Speed (x1.5 faster): now multiply your score by x1.20.
  • Increase Speed (x1.25 faster): now multiply your score by x1.10.

Beatmaps creation mode


  • Now the background of the Beatmap you are editing is displayed.
  • Now all the buttons react with an animation when you hover the cursor over it.


  • Now you can add notes to the Beatmap USING THE KEYS WITH WHICH YOU PLAY.

Activate the option “Set Notes with Keys” press Enter to play the song and use the keys with which you play to add the notes and create your Beatmap quickly.


  • 3 new icons were added to the Store, you can buy them with Lynium Points.



Now the notes gives health depending by the precision of the hit.

  • Max -> No changes (1)
  • Perfect -> No changes (1)
  • Excellent ->  0.75
  • Good -> 0.5
  • Acceptable ->  0.25


  • Transitions between scenes reduced by 0.5 sec.
  • The animation “Show User Interface” at start of the game reduced to 1 sec from 3.
  • Now some buttons will display an animation when on mouse hover.


  • The editor will recognize correctly any combination of Rhythm/Melody Keys.
  • Now the game will display score animation when you hit the Larger Notes.
  • Now the song stops correctly when you lose.