Facebook NEW Extra information in the profile Now it shows how many games you have played. The role name is now displayed for Administrators, Moderators and Subscribers. The size of the classification number was increased a little. Icons in the Home Scene Now the Create, Options and Store buttons have icons. Rankings List By clicking […]


Facebook This version brings a lot of stuff!   New Edge of profile and icons Now users have an edge depending on their role in the game. Now you can choose an icon as a profile image when you click on it. A heart that refers to your “Lynium points” was added. You can click […]


This version brings some important corrections! Lynium goes on to use the Unity 2018.2.0f2 version to take advantage of all possible performance improvements. NEW Two buttons have been added to the song selection to stop, pause and play the current song. CHANGES The types of classifications “National and By Friends” have changed to “Not implemented” […]